Silk Road FAQ's

What is Silk Road Rewards?
The Silk Road rewards a variety of interactions with us, from shopping online to sharing us with your friends.
Every purchase takes you from a Silk Road Explorer to a Silk Road Voyager, and then to be crowned as Silk Road Royalty with increasing benefits along the Road.  Simply Sign-up to be gifted with your first 200 Cocoons, or Learn more.


How can I earn Cocoons?

Account holders earn Cocoons by making a purchase, as well as things like Referring a Friend to SilkLiving, writing a review, or Liking/Following us on socials.  Plus, Newsletter Subscribers receive exclusive Cocoon-earning opportunities.  


How much is 1 Cocoon worth?
For every $1 spent you will receive 1 Cocoon.  Every 100 Cocoons can be redeemed for a $5 discount (for you to apply at checkout).  Simply Redeem your Cocoons to receive your Code!


How can I redeem my Cocoons?
Sign into your account, then head to the Rewards page. Click “Redeem Now” to see the redeemable denominations in red. Choose a denomination, click ‘Redeem’ and a discount code will show. The code will also be sent to the email address registered to your account.


How do you determine my location along the Silk Road?
Your Silk Road location is determined by how much you have spent during the previous 12 months.


How do I use my Cocoon code?
Your Cocoon code is applied on the checkout page. All you need to do is copy the code received in your email from us and paste it into the ‘Discount code’ box at checkout. Click the ‘Apply’ button and your discount will be applied.


How long do I have to redeem my Cocoons?
Cocoons have no expiry! You’ve earned them, so you choose when you want to spend them.


If I redeem my cocoons, do I need to place an order straight away?
No you don't, their value will simply sit until you are ready to use it. When you next place an order simply go into your Rewards History; copy your unused code and apply it at checkout as usual.


What happens if I then return items or cancel an order?
If you return an item for refund, or cancel your order, the corresponding Cocoons will be deducted from your account.


If I’ve used a Cocoon Code against an order, and I return the items, are my Cocoons reissued?
Yes. Your Cocoons will be reissued – just Redeem again to receive a new Code!


Can I use more than one Cocoon code on the same purchase?
Only one Cocoon Code can be applied at checkout. However, Cocoons can be redeemed in denominations of $5 - $50 to apply against your order.


Can my Cocoons be redeemed over more than one purchases?
Yes! You can redeem your Cocoons in denominations of $5 at a time, to spread your discounts over as many orders as you wish.


Can I use my Cocoon code together with another discount code?
Cocoon codes cannot be used in conjunction with another discount. You can, however, use a Gift Card at the same time as your Cocoon code.


I lost my email with the Cocoon code! How do I retrieve it?
We recommend using the search bar in your email inbox to find it. If it doesn’t appear Contact Us and we will resend the code to you.


I forgot to enter my Cocoon code at checkout! Can you add it in?
Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, we are unable to add in your Cocoon code. You’re welcome to Contact Us and we will see what we can do to help!


Do I have to receive newsletters to earn Cocoons?
No, you can monitor and earn your Cocoons entirely from your account on our website; you do not have to subscribe to our newsletter. However, Newsletter Subscribers receive extra opportunities to earn Cocoons.


I somehow entered my birthday incorrectly!  How do I change it?
If you entered this incorrectly, please Contact Us and we can update it on your behalf.


How does Refer a Friend work?
From your account, simply click the “Refer a Friend” link, then enter your friend’s email address and hit send. When your friend places an order, you’ll receive 200 Cocoons ($10). It's that easy!


What happens if a friend I refer returns their order?
If your friend returns their order for a refund any Cocoons earned will unfortunately be removed from your account.


How do I get Cocoons for following on social media?
From the Rewards page, click on the social media channel you wish to access, log into that platform and Follow us on Instagram or Share us on Facebook. The Cocoons are automatically deposited into your account.


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